What Is The Science Behind Every Culture In India – Culture

What Is The Science Behind Every Indian Culture 

    Never, I didn’t keep faith in Indian culture and rituals, there was one student of 12 th sci class. He was chatting with his friend in his home. They were discussing a lot of topics of Indian culture and telling them can you will show any at least one scientific reason behind it?. 

recipes-of-Mahalaxmi-navyidyam_-festival-recipes/I was in their home it is my guest’s home. I told them to see our India will reach the top of the world in the next 10 years as our Indian culture is based on scientific reason. Behind every Indian culture and rituals, there is a big scientific reason. Indian culture is based on the ‘’ VISHWA KALYAN’’ or here Intention behind every Karma has a reason. That reason can be found only with spirituality as well as Indian culture and rituals. /Indian-festivals-rituals-what-gives-us/

  Indian culture giving us a lot of benefits to the nation economically as well as maintain harmony in the society. /panjiri-recipe-importance-of-Janmashtami/   

  Let’s take an example of an incense stick or ‘’Vati’’ of arati. Vat which we are keeping in front of God contributes lakhs of rupees. Every incense stick also earns crore rupees. 

Let’s see more activities: If we have an infant in our home then our grandmother never permits us to enter the home directly without washing hands or legs. Every day also here there is a rule that if any person came from outside maybe he went in the market, shop, office, or anywhere he must have to wash his feet, hands, mouth, and then only he has the entry in the home. Now ‘’CORONA’’ has made this rule. I think this CORONA came in the world to teach the world ‘’Importance of Indian culture’’ Now everywhere there is a discussion of washing hands. I think this habit will live now forever maybe ‘’CORONA’’ live or not. 

    Before eating food we have a one sansakar that is spread or sprinkle some water around the thali. And recite some mantra So that germs or insects can be there will automatically get killed and also the power of mantra can keep that person completely peaceful./ways-to-remove-pitra dosha-easy-solution/

  Here every festival has been arranged in a way of nature’s rule. Without nature’s rule, we didn’t have any joy to celebrate it. 

  We know that Ganesha came in the monsoon to bring happiness along with rain. Makar Sankranti also comes in the month of January on 14 th Jan. Sun enters in the Makar Ras on that day and it starts ‘’UTTARAYAN’’ 

  A lot of changes occur in the environment to accept it naturally we have to celebrate festivals and rituals. As they are useful to us as remedies. 

    We accept it easily and make changes in our daily activities. 

  We know that we didn’t wear ‘’Nathani’’ or ‘’Paithani’’ in our nose every day but on the occasion of the festival we can wear it happily. It makes us our mood happily and automatically it creates enthusiasm in the surrounding. We are getting ready to live life happily. 

 When we draw Rangoli indicates creating happiness in the surrounding along with creativity. Also, we draw 

‘’Swastik’’ it suggests everything is ‘’Shubh’’ and increases our inner potential. If we will look continuously to it we never carry any type of fear in our mind and our every karma will be good. Never come to any wrong thoughts in our minds. It can control the mind’s activities. 

  It spreads good vibrations in the surroundings and creates shubh karma. 

In this way, there are a lot of rituals from morning to evening if we will understand the science behind it our life becomes very successful and happy along with the peace of mind.   

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science behind every Indian culture /
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Indian Tomato Chutney – Chutney Recipe

 Indian[Maharashtra] tomato chutney recipe in Hindi

time for chutney 

 prep  cook total

10      5       15 min

author’s name: Pranita deshpande 

Cuisine    : Indian 

food type : cooked chutney 

KEYWORD : Indian Tomato Chutney Recipe- Chutney Recipe 


Tomato  2

onion  2 middle size

curry leaves  4 to 5

garam masala  1 tbsp

chilly powder 1/2 tbsp

       salt   as your convenience

sugar * 1/2 tbsp

oil   2 tbsp

mustard seeds  1 tbsp

      cumin   1 tbsp

Skutt   1/2 small bowl

tomato chutney




tomato chutney

PROCEDURE  FOR CHUTNEY *  Cut the onion , tomato into small pieces keep aside.

Now collect all ingredients like oil, cumin’s, mustard seeds, chilly powder, garam masala etc.

tomato chutney with garam masala

Keep the pan on the gas pour oil on it,

wait to heat it now add cumin’s mustard seeds,

wait to splutter it well, add curry leaves fry it,

add onion saute it for short time then add pieces of tomato saute it well.

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Add all ingredients one by one lastly add Skutt.

Skutt must be sticky so that automatically oil should come from it.Stir it well .

Your chutney is ready to eat now.

Time for Biryani 

prep cook  total 

10       10      20 min


      Mahendra rice 1 bowl 

Tomato  2 big size

onion   1

curry leaves   4 to 5

salt   1 tbsp

chilly powder    1 tbsp

turmeric powder  1 teas spoon

peanut seeds    10 to 15

peanut     2 tbsp

oil   2 tbsp

cumin powder  1 tbsp

water  2 bowls

PROCEDURE  FOR IT    *    Soak the rice for 2 hours, drain it’s water and keep aside.  Chop the onion , tomato into a big size piece.

Take all ingredients ready for you.


Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil wait to heat it,

add cumin seed , mustard seeds wait to splutter it.

Now add curry leaves fry it well, add chopped onion ,saute it, add chopped tomatoes saute it well until juice of it will mix with all ingredients.

Now add groundnut, peanut etc and fry it for a while.Now add rice and stir it well  now put off the gas.

Keep small cooker on the gas add  2 bowls water in it wait to boil it. Add 1 teaspoon oil in it and now add all the material which is in the pan in the cooker. again stir it for 1 time and keep the lid of the cooker tightly.Keep the flame of the gas low.  After  10 minutes your tasty Biryani is ready.

tomato Biryani