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Sweet Moong Dal Khichadi Recipe – New Sweet Dish

Sweet Moong Dal Khichadi Recipe: We are getting bored with eating same type of Khichadi. Today I have tried to make new type of Khichadi. Let’s know here how did I have made it?                                                             Ingredients for it : 1Bowl Moong Dal, 1Bowl rice,  ghee : 50 GM,  Sugar:100gm, Cardamom powder:// 1tbsp,  Cashew nut and Almond : 5 to 6 pieces. 1/2 teas Tulsi flower for nice flavor.    Cloves: 2 to 3 , salt : 2 teas,  turmeric powder : 1 teas.                               Method To Make It:// (1) Wash Moong Dal and rice clean, and keep it to soak for 1/2 an hour. (2) Pour the ghee in the cooker. Add 2 to 3 cloves to it.(3) Now pour the water 1lit.  (4) Add salt,  turmeric to it.and stir it well. (5) After boiling add soaked rice and Dal to it. Stir it well. Keep lid on it. (6) Take 2 to 3 whistles to become smooth.                                           (7) Now add sugar,  cardamom powder,  Tulsi flower,  and stir it well.  (8) Serve it with cashew nut and almond.                 Instructions : Pour small bowl in the cooker. So that it couldn’t waste outside the cooker while cooking. Never add sugar  while cooking otherwise it will never cook smoothie. Don’t add more ingredients to it. It will remove original taste of Khichadi.

Sweet Moong Dal Khichadi recipe

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